Professional Development Training

Learn about our signature courses or a customized learning experience specific to your strategic business needs.

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Speaking & Empowerment Events

Tirza delivers inspiring messages of hope and healing at conferences, retreats and church ministries.

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Coaching & Personal Development

Learn about coaching that will focus on what is most important to moving you to higher level living and achieving your full potential.

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Is to provide professional training, personal development and coaching that cultivates a higher level of personal fulfillment and career success.

With purpose, passion, and power, we tackle a wide range of issues important to our clients, backed by nearly two decades of knowledge, skills, experience and an accomplished track record.

Founded by Tirza Barnes-Griffith, Motivation Specialist, Personal and Professional Development Strategist, Tirza Motivates, LLC. is a professional training, personal development and coaching company that provides motivation, education, inspiration and strategy that help their clients achieve personal fulfillment and career success.

Tirza Motivates partners with individuals, corporations,
and nonprofits across diverse industries, as well
government agencies and educational and faith-based
institutes to provide training and development programs, coaching, interactive workshops and motivational speeches.

Tirza Motivates has trained and coached thousands of
women and men who were eager to advance professionally, make an important life transition or were consumed with the uncertainty of their future.

Through the services of Tirza Motivates, clients were inspired to believe in themselves, pursue their goals and ultimately achieve success.

We are a trusted personal and professional development partner who has shown exceptional levels of participant satisfaction. More than 95% of the individuals who participated in a Tirza Motivates training session or received coaching and development ranked the experience as excellent, and when later surveyed, stated they had proven results in their personal and professional life.

Years of Experience
Motivational and Self-Improvement Talks Conducted
Individuals Trained or Coached in Professional and Personal Development
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Clients who Reported Proven Results in their Personal or Professional life

OUR Statements of Belief

We are committed to training, developing and coaching individuals to realize their personal and professional goals.

We are passionate about developing clients to make more thoughtful decisions in business and their personal lives.

We see value in digging deep to uncover barrier(s) that may prevent the achievement of life’s purpose and potential. 

We believe in focusing on the whole person by first resolving ambivalence and exploring new possibilities for higher-level living.

We are certain that with the guidance and support of our experienced team, clients will identify solutions on their own, and are motivated with a strategy for achieving what is most important.