Well, Hello There!

It is a pleasure to have you visit and to share with you a brief overview of my career journey. So, let’s get to it!

Every day, I have the opportunity to do really important work that aligns with my life purpose on behalf of others- helping them to live better, work better, feel better, love better, and grow in their faith. To heal from emotional wounds of the past, and be smarter, dream bigger, pursue harder, and achieve even greater, for HIGHER-LEVEL LIVING in both their personal and professional lives.

It all started during my first real job where I worked as an administrative assistant at a non-profit, welfare-to-work program that trained individuals for the workplace. I met so many different people, with varying backgrounds and who had unique life experiences. Many of these individuals lived in poverty, were domestic violence victims, formerly incarcerated individuals, and those who after a long day, left the program to return home to a shelter. 

I would offer them words of encouragement and some guidance when they visited me at the front desk but always wished to do more. That opportunity came when my then supervisor invited me to lead workshops and teach professional skills for the workplace. I jumped on it and in no time discovered something new about myself—I was really good at speaking, teaching, coaching, and even designing fun, engaging, and motivational workshops. 

I also realized I had the entrepreneurial itch and decided to take my speaking show on the road to present at conferences, weekend retreats, and other non-profit programs. 

A more personal journey of challenge and self-discovery was also the guiding point to fostering my career. Low esteem and insecurity, masked my true potential. But determined to realize my purpose and experience joy, I deepened my interest in the study of self-development, which helped me to find inner peace, confidence, identity, self-acceptance, and self-love. 

This is why my work is rooted in the art of empowering others and fostering personal and professional change, through practical, life-changing strategies

It’s humbling to reflect on my career since that first job to becoming a reputable trainer, speaker, and coach—

Hold on! Wait a Minute! There is one other thing you should know about me.

It’s really the thing I’m the proudest of, to be the mom of Cassia who is ten, but going on 20. She’ll run the Tirza Motivates, LLC. business one day, I’m sure of it.

My second child, Eamon, who is seven. He has the most gentle, kind, yet strong spirit. He’ll be our future president. I’m sure of that too.


There you have it! A brief introduction to my professional journey. I’d like very much the opportunity to connect with you and discuss how I can support you or your team in professional or personal development. Here are a couple of ways we can connect.

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